Details for Thank You

The family of Joe McGuire wishes to give
sincere thanks to all our relatives, neighbors
and friends for the donations to St. Joe’s,
gifts, food, phone calls, prayers, cards,
flowers, texts and attendance at the
services. It has been a great comfort
for us during Joe’s unexpected loss. It
demonstrates to us the positive impact
he had on the area farming community,
where he spent his entire life. A special
thank you to the St. Joe’s Altar and
Rosary volunteers who provided food and
served at the luncheon. We are indebted
to Fathers Page and Harness, Sister Janet
Heiar, Deacon Mark Comer, the Knights
of Columbus, the American Legion, Karen
Roode, Alicia Burken, Pat Sheil, Dan Condon,
and Schultz Funeral Home for their service
during our difficult time. We are forever grateful.

Dee Simpson-McGuire, Jean, Mark, Madonna, Lois,
Matt, Dan, Jen, Joni, The Simpsons & Families