Eric Hosette

Eric Hosette

A public memorial for Lt. Eric Hosette will take place Saturday a 11:30 a.m. at Clinton's Riverview Park. 

Attendees are encouraged to arrive early due to the amount of people expected that includes 5,000 members of the public and hundreds of fire and emergency management personnel. 150-200 additional firefighting, EMS and safety vehicles are expected to be parked near the memorial. 

In order to facilitate the amount of people, six parking areas have been designated for the public. They are:

• Clinton City Hall parking lot (611 S. 3rd St.)

• Clinton School District Maintenance Building (S. 5th Street and 7th Avenue S.)

• Prince of Peace Gymnasium (Corner of S. 5th Street and 9th Avenue S.)

• Clinton Community College (1000 Lincoln Blvd.)

• Clinton School District Sports Complex (1626 S. 14th St)

• Big River Packaging (1905 Lincoln Way)

Each parking lot will be assigned a color that corresponds to a shuttle that will transport to and from the memorial site. 

The service is planned for one hour. Temperatures are predicted to be near 30 degrees and snow is expected. A procession will leave the memorial site once the service is complete and head toward a private burial ceremony in Charlotte. 

Warming areas will be established at Lumberking Stadium, the Candlelight and near the swimming pool. The Salvation Army will provide hot chocolate. The Rotarians will have fireman prayer cards, programs and will be able to move personnel around via golf carts if necessary. 

Traffic in and around the city will be impacted by the downtown events as well as the procession. The procession will start at the park, weave its way through downtown Clinton, follow U.S. 30 west past the ADM plant before turning back north on S. 14th Street, northeast on Bluff Boulevard, east on Second Avenue South, north on U.S. 67 (Second Street) and then west on Hwy. 136 toward Charlotte. 

During the procession, roadways are likely to incur lengthy delays between 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Officers will be directing traffic along the funeral procession.