Due to the COVID-19 precautions that have caused most public events to be canceled, the DeWitt Chamber & Development Company (DCDC) has revised its guidelines and procedures regarding what can and cannot be posted to its online community calendar, which also populates the weekly "What's Happening in DeWitt" e-newsletter, and the digital sign at the corner of 6th Ave and 11th Street in Lincoln Park. 

DCDC director Angela Rheingans said the DCDC is encouraging community members to post virtual events to its calendar found at www.dewittiowa.org.

"Humans are social animals, and we all are feeling the effects of social distancing and self-quarantining," Rheingans said. "During this unprecedented time, we want to be sure our community knows what events, activities, and interactions are available for them to access online."

Additionally, the DCDC is relaxing the type of events that are or are not accepted.

"Most notably, we are now accepting virtual auditions, church services, exercise classes, and shopping events," Rheingans said. "These events were previously excluded from being accepted, regardless of being in-person or virtual."

The updated Guidelines & Procedures can be found here

"What hasn't changed is that most events that are open to the public are able to be posted to the online community calendar and shared in the weekly What's Happening in DeWitt email, regardless if you are a DCDC member or non-member," Rheingans explained. "Event postings to the digital sign in Lincoln Park remain free for DCDC members and $25 for non-members.