Club Notes

Lion of the Year. Monica Murphy (left) received the Lion of the Year award from President Peg Thiltgen at the DeWitt Noon Lions meeting Sept. 5. Murphy volunteers at numerous Lions events and fundraisers.

DeWitt Noon Lions

President Peg Thiltgen presided at the DeWitt Noon Lions luncheon meeting Sept. 5. She thanked those who donated bars and cookies, serving the Military Convoy. She invited members to join the Eldridge Lions at a Diabetes Walk on Sept 12 at 5 p.m., and to attend the Fall Zone meeting Sept. 30 at the Millennium in Goose Lake.

Duane Hansen will be in charge of the free KidSight screening at Autumn Fest. Pre-schools are scheduled for screening also.  Hansen requested members to help. 

The “Lion of the Year” was awarded to Monica Murphy, as she has stepped in whenever needed; Projectionist for the afternoon Travelogues, number one volunteer at the butterfly garden, collected eyeglasses and hearing aids, delivering them to Wal-Mart,  helping at every fundraiser, and more.

Dr. Ron Hill inducted new member Sally Burroughs. Her sponsor is her sister, Carole Dunkin.

Nancy Aiken introduced her guest, Judy Loussaert. Sue Hasenmiller was a guest of Chelsea Sullens, and Jim Owen, a guest of Merle Ocken.

Director of DeWitt Parks and Recreation Kevin Lake presented the program. He has been in DeWitt 14 years. He spoke about his education, background and family, followed by the history of the Fitness Center, Aquatic Center, and Westbrook/Lincoln parks. Lake also told of the many programs, including individualized swimming lessons, flag football, softball/baseball, pickleball and many more provided by his department. He expressed his appreciation for all the volunteers that make things possible.

The next meeting is Sept. 19. Adam Schweers from Carroll will talk about the Highway 30 Coalition and projects.

DeWitt Town & Country Garden

The DeWitt Town and Country Garden club will meet Monday, Sept. 16 to tour local member’s gardens.

Members can meet at 9:30 a.m. at Lincoln Park and carpool to the first garden or go directly there. Jean Moffit’s garden is first, followed by De Roberts, who lives next door. The tour will continue in Grand Mound and stop at Thomasine Neal’s garden, followed by gardens at the homes of Jean Maher and Maribelle Howard. Lunch will be enjoyed at the Howard home, followed by the business meeting.

Hostesses for the day are Thomasine Neal and Jean Passig. Members may contact one of them if they are unable to attend. Guests are always welcome.