The Goose Lake Junior Feeders 4-H Club held its non-animal local achievement show June 26 at the Goose Lake Community Center. Judges were Connie Weirup of Andrew, and Amber Selman and Shelly Heinrich of Maquoketa. They judged 41 projects from 22 4-H members. Results of the show are as follows:

Food & Nutrition: Purple – Morgan Hines, Sidney Wegener, Tyler Hines, Kylie Petersen and Kayden Roling. Blue – Sam Lueders, Grace Ketelsen, Sierra Wegener, Skylar Wegener, Morgan Hines, Olivia   Johnson, Shelby Wegener and Landry Sellers.

Photography: Purple – Sam Lueders and Andrew Hilgendorf. Blue – Sam Lueders and Andrew Hilgendorf (4).

Visual Arts: Purple – Claire Meyermann and Olivia Johnson. Blue – Kadence Petersen and Kylie Petersen.

Home Improvement: Purple – Tyler Hines. Blue – Dereck Riordan.

Sewing & Needle Arts: Purple – Tyler Hines, Ava Friedrichsen and Morgan Hines. Blue – Hannah Lower, Rawleigh Sellers and Morgan Hines.

Self-Determined: Purple – Morgan Hines. Blue – Morgan Hines (2) and Tyler Hines.

Child Development: Purple – Olivia Johnson.

Woodworking: Purple – Blake Petersen, Kadence Petersen and Michael Mulholland.

Science, Engineering & Technology: Blue – Clayton Meyermann.

The Best of Show winner was Morgan Hines with her tree skirt sewing and needle arts project. Reserve Best of Show went to Tyler Hines for his t-shirt quilt sewing and needle arts project. Honorable mentions were awarded to Blake Petersen, flag holder woodworking project; Kylie Petersen, apple tart food and nutrition project; Olivia Johnson, Be Kind sign visual arts project; Andrew Hilgendorf, flowers in picture photography project; and Michael Mulholland, patio chair woodworking project.

The 4H club held its livestock local achievement show June 30 at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in DeWitt. Judges for the evening were Deven King of Miles and Shayla Corbisier of Morrison. Results are as follows:


Fancy Breeding Ducks - Standard:    Champion – Allyse Marx.

Egg Laying Pullets (colored eggs):  Champion – Kylie Petersen. Reserve Champion – Skylar Wegener. Purple – Sierra Wegener, Sidney Wegener and Shelby Wegener.

Fancy Bantam Chicken: Champion – Allyse Marx.

Fancy Standard Chicken: Champion – Shelby Wegener.

Brown Eggs: Champion – Kylie Petersen.

Pastel Eggs: Champion – Kylie Petersen.

Champion Poultry Showman – Kylie Petersen. Reserve Showman – Allyse Marx.


Champion Pet – Ana Lower.

Champion Pet Showman – Ana Lower.


Fancy Breed Senior Buck: Champion – Sidney Wegener. Reserve Champion – Meghan Martin. Purple – Micayla Martin, Kylee Greenwood and Shelby Wegener.

Fancy Breed Junior Buck: Champion – Sierra Wegener. Reserve Champion – Meghan Martin. Purple – Skylar Wegener.

Fancy Breed Junior Doe: Champion – Hannah Lower. Reserve Champion – Miranda Martin. Purple – Sidney Wegener and Sierra Wegener.

Fancy Breed Senior Doe: Champion – Sidney Wegener. Reserve Champion – Sierra Wegener.

Champion Rabbit Showman – Micayla Martin. Reserve Showman – Sierra Wegener.


Hair sheep: Champion – Rebekah Lower.

Purebred Ewe Lamb (white face): Champion – Skylar Wegener. Reserve Champion – Sidney Wegener. Purple – Rebekah Lower.

Purebred Yearling Ewe (white face): Champion – Rebekah Lower.

Purebred Yearling Ewe (black face):  Champion – Sidney Wegener. Reserve Champion – Skylar Wegener.

Commercial Yearling Ewe (black/speckled face): Champion – Skylar Wegener.

Champion Sheep Showman – Sidney Wegener. Reserve Showman – Skylar Wegener.


Winter Breeding Meat Goat Doe: Champion – Alyssa Reuter. Reserve Champion –Kylee Greenwood.

Market Meat Goat: Champion – Alyssa Reuter. Reserve Champion – Kylee Greenwood. Purple – Kylee Greenwood.

2-Year-Old Doe: Champion – Alyssa Reuter.

Dairy Goat Kid Female: Champion – Kylee Greenwood.

Champion Goat Showman – Alyssa Reuter. Reserve Showman – Kylee Greenwood.


Junior Yearling Jersey: Champion – Hillary Burken.

Junior Yearling Holstein: Champion – Hillary Burken.

Champion Dairy Showman – Hillary Burken.

Bucket-Bottle Calf

Champion – Abigail Cain.

Champion Bucket Bottle Calf Showman – Abigail Cain.

Breeding Heifers

Commercial Heifer: Champion – Laikyn Grantz.

Angus Heifer: Champion – Carter Mommsen.

Maintainer Heifer: Champion – David Swanton.

Supreme Breeding Heifer – Carter Mommsen. Res. Supreme Breeding Heifer – Laikyn Grantz.


Champion Cow Calf – Amber Friedrichsen.

Market Beef

Crossbred Steer: Champion – David Swanton. Reserve Champion – Ava Friedrichsen. Purple – Clayton Grantz and Bailee Burken.

Maine Anjou Steer: Champion – Carter Mommsen.

Shorthorn Steer:  Champion – Cole Johnson.

Champion Market Beef – Carter Mommsen. Reserve Champion Market Beef – David Swanton.

Champion Beef Showman – Carter Mommsen. Reserve Showman – Cole Johnson.