The Clinton County Board of Supervisors considered improvements to the Clinton County Administration Building’s parking lot that could cost over $350,000. 

The cost estimate lines up with what the county budget allows, said county maintenance supervisor Corey Johnson 

Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp said the subtotal in the cost estimate is $343,880. With a contingency fund just over $34,000, the total estimate with the contingency fund is $378,300, Srp said.

Board Vice Chairman Tom Determann asked whether the county should consider having a drive-up window for the treasurer’s office. It would be a benefit for the senior citizens in the county, Determann believes.

County auditor Eric Van Lancker said it would take a “fair amount of work” on the inside of the treasurer’s office to implement a drive-up window, Van Lancker said.

“When you’re in the treasurer’s office, you’re actually lower than that parking lot out there right now by, I don’t know, probably 3 feet or so,” Van Lancker said.

County Treasurer Dustin Johnson said the suggestion is something his office can consider if it is the preference of the board. He does not believe the change would necessarily benefit his office but said it could be a benefit to the public. He suggested the county could also consider installing a vacuum system like what is in place at banks rather than a pass-through window.

Reporting provided by the Clinton Herald.