Splash Pad

An artist’s rendering of the proposed Delmar splash pad shows the water amenity that could occupy the town’s Norton Park by 2019. The project received a boost with an $80,000 grant from the Clinton County Development Association.

A proposed splash pad and basketball court in Delmar have received a monetary boost. 

An $80,000 grant from the Clinton County Development Association was bequeathed to Delmar Development recently.

The splash pad and basketball court ideas have been in the works for about two years and are part of a larger goal to bring businesses and industry to the small town on the Clinton/Jackson County line. 

The group’s mission, “Small Town,

Big Vision,” summarizes its goal to add the recreation amenities at Delmar’s Norton Park.

A family-friendly, handicap-accessible splash pad could be that draw, Delmar Development members said, noting a lack of any such outdoor water feature in area communities.

 “The school [Delwood] is our biggest thing here, and we want to keep our families and bring in more,” said committee member Cathie Jebsen.

Delmar Development has raised around $17,000 toward the project.

“I think it’s gone really good. I think people are interested in it and they’re excited,” Jebsen said. “I think the grant cements it in and it’s not a pipe dream anymore.”

The splash pad would be a paved area where water would shoot up from the ground or other formation when approached by a person. 

The city, which would pay less than $50 a month for upkeep, would regulate use of the splash pad, turning the water on and off, depending on city mandates.

The committee met Wednesday night and plans to speak with local contractors for estimates in the coming weeks. 

A recent estimate for the project is around $125,000, which Jebsen called “really high.” The group plans to re-bid the splash pad and basketball court projects. They hope to begin construction in 2019. 

Monetary donations are still needed, and those wishing to volunteer or provide in-kind work are encouraged to contact Delmar Development members at (563) 357-9365.