A claim of over $8,000 will be paid out of the Human Resources budget in relation to an employment investigator claim, county supervisors said Monday.

Board Chairman Dan Srp said the claim for $8,082.12 is an expense the county incurred for legal work for a human resources related issues. Srp anticipates additional expense for the county.

Amy Reasner, with Lynch Dallas law firm, who provided the county oversight through the process, said she had roughly $1,200 to date in expenses, Srp said.

Supervisor Jim Irwin Jr. recommended the claim go through the Human Resources budget because the claim is employment related.

Srp said he did not disagree; this is wholly a Human Resources related issue. “I think that that is the appropriate way,” Srp said. “We want to keep our people and everybody taking any of those types of concerns to HR.

 “And so keeping the expense with HR, to me, maybe helps to do that as opposed to having Human Resources related issues come directly to us,” said Srp. “There’s a reason why we hired a qualified person to operate that office for us and to provide that oversight and that management.”

Srp said a department should be able to float the expense and then the county will need to place the revenue into the account to hold the account neutral before the end of the year through a budget amendment.

Supervisor Tom Determann agreed that the claim should go through the Human Resources budget and said he believes the county should look at having a line item in the budget for legal expenses.

 “Last year I talked about maybe a $50,000 line item for legal, whether it’s us or HR,” Determann said. “But I think it’s a sign of the times, and I think we really need to look hard when we go into budget again this year on a line item in somebody’s budget.”

Human Resources Director Dawn Aldridge had no issues with the claim going through the human resources budget but said she will need a budget amendment.

Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker said the human resources budget will need a budget amendment but will not need one to pay the claim right now.

 “You can put it in now,” Van Lancker said. “You’ve got plenty of money in there.” I’ll use them when we need to.”

John Rohlf is a Clinton Herald staff writer.