A construction company has filed a lawsuit against Clinton County, specifically, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors, in connection with the company’s work on the new Clinton County Law Center.

Swanson Construction Company filed a petition to foreclose claim against the Samuels Group, the jail’s construction manager, and the Board of Supervisors saying the Samuels Group allegedly held back money that the county had paid Samuels Group that was supposed to be forwarded to Swanson Construction. 

The petition, filed by Swanson Construction President Steve Swanson through Attorney Steven J. Havercamp, alleges Swanson is owed over $619,000 in relation to work performed by Swanson on the Law Center project.

The petition says on or about Sept. 19, 2017, Swanson Construction entered into a standard agreement with Clinton County for the construction of work on the law center project. The petition says Clinton County tendered all payments for work performed on the project to the Samuels Group for eventual payment to all contractors and subcontractors. The petition says subsequent to entering into the contract, Swanson was requested to perform additional work on the project.

“Moreover, Swanson incurred significant costs due to poor management of the project resulting in construction delays,” the lawsuit states.

Court documents say Swanson Construction furnished labor and materials and incurred costs associated with the project of over $5.6 million. The petition says Swanson remains unpaid in an amount over $619,000 “despite having fully performed the work under the contract.”

The petition under one count alleges breach of contract against the Samuels Group and Clinton County.

“It is verily believed Clinton County paid some of the amounts owed to Swanson to Samuels Group who has failed to pay Swanson, as third party beneficiary, the amounts owed under the Contract,” the petition states. “Moreover, it is verily believed Samuels Group may have used some or all of these funds to pay contractors/materialmen or other entities unrelated to the project and/or retained said funds for its own benefit.”

Clinton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp said last week Clinton County had not yet been served with the lawsuit.

“Clinton County has not been served with the lawsuit, so no comment can be made at this time,” Srp said.

John Rohlf is a Clinton Herald staff writer.