MR Wash

Owners of one of DeWitt’s newest businesses, MR Wash, hosted a grand opening Saturday to christen their new venture. Pictured are (L-R) wash attendant Rick Wynkoop, Leanna Geffers, Mike and Rachel Wiersema. 

Their first car wash was a bit of an impulse buy, so Mike and Rachel Wiersema figured they might as well do it again. 

The couple from Fulton recently purchased the former Precision Wash on Eighth Street, and the location has been operating under the name MR Wash since February. 

On Saturday, they celebrated their grand opening. 

One discussion point Mike Wiersema said comes up is the name. 

“We say MR wash because ‘Mike and Rachel’ is what it stands for,” he said. “But everyone else says ‘Mister wash.’

The two opened their original car wash, a Super Wash franchise in Fulton, in late 2018. After giving that location a facelift that included new paint, lights and credit card readers. That one, Mike said, was certainly a spur-of-the-moment purchase. 

“(Rachel) went to clean out her car one day and the owner was putting a for sale sign up,” Mike said. “She came home and said ‘get your butt over there because it’s for sale.’”

After turning that venture into what they call a successful operation, the Wiersemas heard through the grapevine that DeWitt’s Precision Wash was on the market. Taking their first leap into the DeWitt market was an easy market. 

“I thought ‘Hey, I can fix that one up too,’” Mike said. 

The location opened in February, and “with the whole COVID thing it has been hard …  hasn’t been a lot of foot traffic around,” Mike said. “Initially when we first got it going things were looking up, and then COVID hit and now there isn’t as many people out and about as there used to be.”

Mike, who also owns and operates a transmission repair shop in rural Fulton, said owning the car washes is part of their retirement plan that could offer a consistent secondary income. 

“If I ever want to retire, in my 60s and 70s it’s not like I’ll be carrying transmissions around,” he said. “I figured this would be something good for retirement and a good job and business to have the rest of the time, too. You’re always going to have guys who want to go out and play in the mud and want to wash their truck. Same way with (all-terrain vehicles) and stuff like that. It’s one of those things where your car is a big investment, and you can keep it clean.”