The Iowa Department of Revenue has launched a new website to help taxpayers and tax professionals more easily find and access information.

The new site is located at the same address,, and includes better navigation, improved search functions, and a simplified homepage. The Department utilized customer feedback and data analytics in designing and building the site.

The new website will provide users with:

Simplified home page. Informational banners highlight important items from the Department, easier access to the most-used applications, and recent news from the department.

Better navigation. Navigate the website by who you are using “I Am...” or by what you need to do using “I Need To…” Policy information, reports, education, and tax reform information from the Department are now organized under “Resources.” The “Need Help?” menu provides easy access to common questions, fraud reporting, etc.

Improved search. Easily search the website for information you need.

Updated forms library. Forms are now accessible from the main menu and are easier to search.

Common Questions library. Get answers to common questions by using the topic filter or searching by keyword.

Responsive design. The site adjusts to the user’s device and screen size.