Iowa Roots Home Décor isn’t so much a brand-new business in DeWitt, as it is a business that has returned to what its owners believe is its rightful home.

The former Living Vintage has relocated back to DeWitt, this time with a new name that better reflects its purpose — to get back to its roots.

When the business first moved to DeWitt from Eldridge in 2017, Robin Jennings, who owns Iowa Roots Home Décor with her husband, Chris, said the community was a wonderful fit.

They opened their doors Jan. 2, 2017, and the response was “amazing,” Robin told The Observer at the time. 

“We’re busier here than we ever were in Eldridge,” she said then. “We’ve brought our old friends with us, and picked up a lot of new ones.”

But after about a year and a half, the Jennings lost their lease on the building, located at 1416 11th St.

Reluctant to leave, but knowing it was necessary as there were no other adequate spaces in DeWitt to utilize, the business moved into a building along Brady Street in Davenport.

“Things went pretty well,” said Lindsay Jennings, Robin’s daughter-in-law, who also works at the store. “We grew, and it was a lot of fun, but it became taxing on the family.”

The reason being, Iowa Roots Home Décor is considered a family business. It’s also a business run by people who like to have plenty of inventory on hand, but want to offer personal service and get to know their customers.

The building on Brady Street was a whopping 17,000 square feet — which made it nearly impossible for the Jennings to provide much one-on-one time with patrons.

“We eventually decided we needed to take a step back, and figure out who we were as a family and a business,” Robin related. “That’s when we decided to move back home to DeWitt.”

Fortunately, the family was able to set up shop just down the block from their previous location to 1610 11th St., right next door to Custom Wood Creations.

The space also is a much more manageable 5,000 square feet.

“We’ve been able to down-size to a fun, cozy setting,” Robin shared. “We’re able to spend more time with the customers who come into the store. Our customers who’ve been with us from the beginning … they missed the small atmosphere.”

“Getting to know them is what we really enjoy doing,” Lindsay added. “We’re back where we belong.”

Iowa Roots Home Décor officially opened its doors Thursday, July 16, and has a wide selection of modern, industrial-farmhouse mixed with a “twist” of French country.

“We offer some trendy things, too,” Robin noted. “We like to mix things up.”

The store includes the inventory of about 15 consigners, who Robin said the family hand-picks to fit in with who the Jennings are and the vision they have for their business.

“We were not able to give that individual attention (in Davenport),” Robin noted. “But now, we can do that. It’s really been a blessing to get such good stuff in our store and people who appreciate our vision. It’s really good to be home.”

Store hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Saturday; and noon-5 p.m. on Sundays.