DeWitt City Hall

A new single-family housing development could bring 13 new homes to DeWitt’s southwest side. 

The proposed development would be built at the ends of both Silver Creek Road and Westwood Street. 

The developer and property owner, Dave Fredericksen of Kadoda LLC and Eldridge Lumberyard, is aiming to develop large lots — over two acres apiece — that could allow additional buildings, like large sheds and garages. 

The property, which measures a little over 45 acres, is landlocked between Silver Creek to the east, U.S. Highway 61 to the west, and the Union Pacific Railroad to the south. Those landmarks limit utility access to the property. Thus, the development would not be serviced by the DeWitt sanitary sewer. A small neighboring development, Westwood Hills, also does not have access to the city’s sanitary sewer lines.

Each lot in the new development would be serviced by city water but would need individual septic systems. 

A development agreement was approved at a June 10 planning and zoning meeting, and also by the DeWitt City Council June 17. 

Per the agreement, Kadoda LLC is required to install sidewalks for the entire development. The subdivider must also supply the city with a plan to manage storm water. 

“There are concerns regarding the capacity of the existing storm water system to accept additional flow, and the need for possible detention,” said DeWitt City Administrator Steve Lindner.

All homes built in the development must be of a “substantial quality, design, and workmanship, per the agreement, and have garages large enough for at least two cars and as many as four. Any outbuildings must be built with the same materials, trim and quality as the home, the contrct says. Pole buildings or steel-sided buildings will be allowed. 

The southernmost properties in the development that would border Silver Creek would include easements for creek access in case waterway maintenance is necessary.