The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency continues to work toward a plan to promote recycling throughout the county.

Board representative and DeWitt councilman Garey Chrones suggested at last month’s meeting that the board set up locations throughout Clinton County to give residents access to recycling. The initiative is geared for residents in the more rural areas of the county.

Chrones at last week’s CCASWA meeting said he wants to do a test run in one of the outer areas of DeWitt. He added the projected cost is $275 per trip that recycling is picked up from the container. He proposed the county pay the fee through the CCASWA.

“What I was going to ask before we take this to our council in DeWitt was since the taxes have already been accounted for for all of us in the county — and then money comes from the Supervisors —  I would like the $275 for the load to be paid through the agency since we’re getting the money from the entire county anyway.”

Chrones is also proposing the recycling go through a periodic check to ensure the agency is getting clean recyclables. He is proposing a three-month trial run in DeWitt to test the countywide recycling.

“I just want like 90 days to see if this is even viable,” Chrones said.

He added the city is currently trying to find an area where there is enough visibility day and night with camera coverage. He added they want to ensure the location has convenience to the outlying community to suit county residents.

The CCASWA board approved a motion to authorize the use of $275 per pull in funds from the agency for the countywide recycling test run in DeWitt.

John Rohlf is a Clinton Herald staff writer.