Come celebrate a Victorian Christmas at Smithtown Church Sunday, Dec. 8, at 6 p.m.

The Clinton County Historic Preservation Commission is planning this special event with a service telling the Christmas story through scripture and Christmas carols.

Hear the Christmas story the way the pioneers and ancestors would have heard them with the King James Bible.

The service will be led by Pastor Dianne Prichard of DeWitt. Members of the commission are Christine Gilroy, Ellen Mayberry, Ann Soenksen, Cathie Nichols and Ruth Wilson.

The church will be decorated with candles, wreaths and lighted trees. A time for refreshments and fellowship will follow the service.

The church is located in northwest Sharon Township, about three miles northwest of Lost Nation, just off the Eden Valley road.

In the past year, the back exterior of the church has been restored. The old, rotten boards were replaced, and insulation and Tyvek wrap applied before the new boards were put in place.

Then, two coats of finish paint were applied, along with an air vent near the top.

The church, also known as the Sharon Methodist Episcopal Church, is the only building left of what was the original settlement known as Burgess or Smithtown, named after prominent residents and blacksmith/preacher David Smith.

It was completed in 1874 by the Methodists, and a year later they entered into a share agreement with the local German Reformed settlers to also use the church for Sunday services.

Many of the original artifacts are located in the church, even though it has not been used for regular Sunday services since 1920.