Stolper plant construction

By Thursday, Jan. 15, 1970, multiple steel sidewall supports had been bolted into place at the future location of Stolper Industries in DeWitt. For comparison, note the construction worker with a white hat standing between two piers to the right of center. Stolper Industries operated in DeWitt until 1985. Maschio-Gaspardo North American Inc., a wholesaler of Italian farm equipment, took ownership of the facility at 112 Third Ave. East in DeWitt in 2013.


Jan. 4, 1995: The V. A. van is blessing for Veterans

Jan. 14, 1995: Toronto Council considers park for city

Jan. 18, 1995: Council hears plans for subdivision of Harry Jacobsen land

Jan. 25: 1995: Mike Barnes presents Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Larsen a check for $4,200 for the weeks bankroll. 



Jan. 8, 1970: Measles clinic set for January 21-23

Jan. 8, 1970: An ad for Barnes includes: 5 pounds of flour, 39 cents; 6 bottles of RC Cola, 49 cents; corn, 5 cans for $1; Blue Bonnet margarine, 27 cents; Kraft grape jelly, 29 cents; peas, 20 cents per can

Jan. 19, 1970: First steel goes up at Stolper Plant

Jan. 22, 1970: Carmen Smith named president of Iowa Mutual Insurance Co.



Jan. 4, 1945: Farm Bureau membership campaign

Jan. 4, 1945: Delmar Red Cross chair states knitters urgently needed

Jan. 12, 1945: Moose may buy Iron Lung for use in DeWitt

Jan. 25, 1945: Youth Center will reopen on Saturday

Information courtesy of the Central Community Historical Society.