Public Meeting/Thursday, Feb. 14

6:30 p.m.

Clinton County Recycling Center

4286 220th St., Clinton

Public notice is hereby given that the above-mentioned Body will meet on the date set out, and at the place and time given. Tentative agenda for said meeting is as follows. 

1. Roll call 

2. Approval of minutes of Jan. 10, 2019, meeting 

3. Audience comments 

4. Unanimous consent calendar

5. Director of operations and education report

A. Legislative updates

B. Appliance Demanufacturing permit renewal

6. Engineer site report – Kevin Jensen of Barker Lemar

A. Landfill activities status

7. Landfill operations report – Jeff Rittmer of Rittmer, Inc.

A. Landfill operations report 

8. Communications from any agency members or their constituents

9. Unfinished business

A. Contract Operator Transition – potential action

B. Single Stream Transfer Station - update

10. New business

A. Updated bank account depository resolution

B. Renewal/addition to closure/post closure CD

C. IMWCA Worker’s Compensation Resolution

11. Emergency business