Monday, Sept. 16/7 p.m.

City Hall/510 Ninth St.

1. Consent agenda

   a. Minutes and bills

   b. Financial report: August 2019 revenues and transfers in: $717,309.46

   August 2019 expenditures and transfers out: $1,640,940.96

   c. Beer permit expanding to liquor license, Casey’s General Store No. 2256 effective 10/01/19

   d. MJ’s Outdoor Service 10/13/19 (as a part of Pumpkin Fest)

   e. Beer permit renewal: Dollar General Store No. 4065

   f. August bank reconciliation statements

   g. August journal entries

2. Reports:

   a. Mayor

   b. City administrator

   c. City attorney

   d. Quarterly budget reports: Library

3. Citizens to address the council

4. Resolution 2019-81: Authorizing release of lien (219 Sixth Ave.)

5. Resolution 2019-82: Resolution setting the date for a public hearing on proposal to enter into a General Obligation Refunding Loan Agreement and to borrow money thereunder in a principal amount not to exceed $4,400,000.00

6. Resolution 2019-83: Approve Financial Service Agreement with Piper Jaffray

7. Resolution 2019-84: Approve Outdoor Service Application for MJs as part of Pumpkin Fest (Oct. 13)

8. Approve library circulation clerk job description

9. Approve request to purchase of lane rope for Triathlon

10. Approve student loan program application

11. Consider proposals for 612 Sixth Ave.

12. Proposed ordinance revisions (Chapter 77, 78A, 144)

13. Capital Improvement Plan review

14. Emergency items