Public Hearing on Proposed 2020-21 Budget

and regular board meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 18 / 4 p.m.

Muscatine & Scott Rooms

729 21st St., Bettendorf

Call to order and roll call

Introduction of new board member

Public Hearing and Regular Board Meeting

Welcome – Board President Joe Adam

Budget Hearing

     Presentation of Proposed 2020-21 Budget – Board Treasurer Jennifer Coombes

     Discussion – questions – answers

     Questions – comments from audience

     Action on proposed 2020-21 budget

     Conclude public hearing

Delegations, petitions and communications

     101 Open forum

     Members of the audience can introduce themselves or address the board at this time

Board and committee reports

     201 Treasurer’s report

     202 Meeting reports

Chief administrator’s report

Strategic management and evaluation

     Consent agenda

     501 Approval of minutes

     502 Bills for payment

     503 Supplemental contract(s)

     504 Professional/classified appointments

     505 Resignations/retirements

     506 Revisions to Board Policy 204.2 (second reading)

     507 Revisions to Board Policies in Section 200 (first reading)

     508 June 30, 2019, audit report

Agency presentations / reports

     Counselor Academy & Postsecondary Readiness – David Ford

Board Development & Learning

Board requests


Dates of interest

     March 17 – MBAEA board meeting, 4 p.m.

     March 26-27 – 2020 AEA board’s conference, Hilton Garden Inn, Johnston