Board of Education meeting

Monday, July 15/5 p.m.

Elementary library

A. Opening of meeting

Call to order


Recognition of visitors

Public Forum

B. Consent agenda items

Approve bills outstanding

Recapitulation/finance summary

Approve minutes of previous meeting

Nurse report

Transportation report

Open enrollments

C. Information and discussion items (Non action items)

Decrease in Title I funds

Administrative reports

Updated emergency operations plan

D. Action items

Consider approving personnel report

Consider approving Edgenuity contract

Consider approving foreign exchange students for the 2019-20 school year

Consider approving 2019 emergency operations plan

Consider setting IASB Legislative priorities (up to four)

Consider approving first reading of Policy Primer – Fiscal Oversight, which includes Policy 401.7, 401.10, 401.12, 401.12R1, 704.5, 705.4, 705.4R1, 707.5, 707.5R1, 905.1

Consider approving first reading of Policy Primer – Legislative updates, which includes Policy 203, 206.2, 307, 501.5, 505.5, 603.1

E. Consider setting, date, time and place of August regular board of education meeting

F. Announcements and opportunities

G. Adjournment