Election Sign

**UPDATE 10:00 p.m.** 

Unofficial Results from tonight's midterm election in Clinton County:

Clinton County Supervisor: Dan Srp (R-Camanche) 9,244; Jim Irwin (R-DeWitt) 8,620; Kurt Dreger (D-Clinton) 7,662.

Clinton County Treasurer: Rhonda McIntyre 10,894; Emily Gipe 7,092.

Iowa House District 97: Norlin Mommsen (R-DeWitt) 4,054; Tim McClimon (D-DeWitt) 3,878; David Melchert Jr. (L-Grand Mound) 165.

Iowa Senate District 49: Chris Cournoyer (R-LeClaire) 9,431 Clinton County/1,183 Scott County; Patty Robinson (D-Clinton) 8,577 Clinton County/1,000 Scott County.

Also retaining their seats include Clinton County recorder Scott Judd, Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf, and Iowa House Rep. Mary Wolfe (D-Clinton).

The U.S. House race headlined by Democrat Dave Loebsack and Republican Christopher Peters swung blue in Clinton County. Loebsack carried Clinton County 9,842 - 7,715. 

The Fred Hubbell/Rita Hart ticket came away with a slight victory in Clinton County 9,026 - 8,831. Jake Porter, Libertarian, garnered 219 votes. Gary Siegwarth of the Clear Water Party earned 106 votes.

**UPDATE 9:47 p.m.**

As 19 of 27 precincts have reported, Republican candidates have unofficially closed gaps and and swapped leads. In the race for county supervisor, Dan Srp and Jim Irwin have taken control over counterpart Kurt Dreger. Dreger's 6,844 votes trails Irwin's 7,444 and Srp's 7,825. 

In the race for the Iowa Senate, Republican Chris Cournoyer has taken the lead by 8,008 - 7,623 over Democrat Patti Robinson The same can be said in the House race. Republican Norlin Mommsen leads 3,539 - 3,505. C

Close races ongoing throughout the area. Tim Gannon and Mike Naig are separated by less than 1,000 votes in Clinton County at this juncture. 

Democrats Rob Sand and Michael Fitzgerald lead their races for state auditor and treasurer of state, respectively

**UPDATE - 9:29 p.m.**

After eight polling places around Clinton County have reported, the race for Clinton County Supervisor may go down to the wire. All three candidates — Dan Srp, Jim Irwin and Kurt Dreger are all within 350 votes of each other. 

The senate and house races are close as well. With eight precincts reporting, Tim McClimon leads Norlin Mommsen for the Iowa House 2,703 - 2,425. For the senate, Patti Robinson leads Chris Cournoyer 6,141 - 5,732. 


Absentee vote results have been provided by the Clinton County Auditor. Final numbers will be released as polls close and report their votes.

As of 9:15 p.m., no polling stations have reported. 

Leading through the absentee voting process are Kurt Dreger and Dan Srp for Clinton County Supervisor, Rhonda McIntyre for county treasurer, Tim McClimon for the Iowa House of Representatives and Patti Robinson for Iowa Senate. 

Democrats carried the absentee voting across the board at the state level. 

Also in Clinton County, Democrat candidate for governor Fred Hubbell and Lt. Governor candidate Rita Hart won the absentee vote 4,597 - 3,378 over gubernatorial candidate and incumbent governor Kim Reynolds.

Deidre DeJear (secretary of state), Rob Sand (state auditor), Michael Fitzgerald (treasurer of state), Tim Gannon (secretary of agriculture), and Tom Miller (attorney general) also won the absentee vote.