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 I have seen it posted that when this COVID-19 cloud lifts from our land, it won’t be the importance of those we previously considered to be grand citizens - celebrities or politicians or athletes - that will warrant our admiration. Rather what really will warrant our admiration are those gr…

DeWitt residents enjoy a warm spring day, mobile bubble show

Sometimes in spite of weeds, a treasure is uncovered, bringing a smile of a memory forgotten. Walking in the pasture, I came across our old dump truck with its camouflage design still intact. Where gravel once sat, now weeds have grown, and those weeds could not stop my giggle as I remembere…

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Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by DeWitt resident Roger Harrington and written by his 11-year-old granddaughter Marley Harrington, of Eldridge. This fictional story details the life of an 18-year-old during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is published verbatim just as Marley wrote it.

Every day for the past several weeks I’ve had a special appointment. Sometimes it’s in the morning, sometimes early evening, but I never miss it.

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These are unprecedented and challenging times for health care workers and the community due to COVID-19. During times of crisis, people often look for ways to help.

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During this season of social distancing, I am spending a lot of time walking the gravel roads surrounding our farm. It is amazing how quickly (one year to be exact) I have forgotten the joys of being outside on an Iowa farm during the spring: the fresh air, the chirping of birds, the sun shi…

(In times like this, it makes each of us take time to review some of our favorite memories.  This is one of mine.)

Leslie Jacobsen converts her Christmas decorations into a meaningful message for people passing by her Maquoketa home.