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ASAC is working with community members to share an anti-stigma media campaign related to substance use throughout the county called “See the Person, Not the Addiction”. This campaign aims to address the misperceptions that may act as a source of shame for people who use drugs and their suppo…

Courthouses are, without a doubt, iconic structures within our civilized societies. However, many people would probably be shocked to discover the lengths - both legal and illegal - that pioneers would go to in order to get one

My mother never liked the gaudy light post that stands in the middle of our front yard. Its awkward and uneven posture tilts even with the slightest bit of breeze that swarms around it. 

The Federal Trade Commission announced on June 1 they started a claim-filing process open to people who lost money by sending funds to scammers by using Moneygram. Anyone who lost money in a Moneygram scam is eligible to submit a claim if they meet two criteria:

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A 21-year-old Clinton woman became ensnared by a cleverly reconfigured variation of the ever-popular (and effective) grandparent scam. 

Not that long ago it was nothing to see hundreds of tree swallows perched on the high line here at the farm. When you mowed hay, they and their first cousins — barn swallows — followed the chatter of the sickle bar to feast on leafhoppers and assorted insects rising from the swath.

Summer is in full swing. The sunny summer days we looked forward to in winter are here. People are busy with backyard barbecues, ball games, and spending time with family. 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Upper Mississippi River Restoration program is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Since 1986, this unique partnership has grown to be the single most important effort committed to ensuring the viability and vitality of the Upper Mississippi River System’s diverse …

Gov. Kim Reynolds talked a couple weeks ago about the importance of government leaders keeping other government officials looped in as decisions are made and events unfold.

The story played like the opening bell of the campaign for 2022 gubernatorial election: State Auditor Rob Sand, potential Democratic challenger to Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, accused her of improperly using federal coronavirus aid dollars for “self-promotion.”

The chant “Power to the People” was used by anti-war and civil rights protesters in the 60s. John Lennon wrote a song with that title in 1971. The idea flowed from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution which begins, “We the people.”

The problem of misinformation isn’t going away. Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter have taken some steps to curb its spread and say they are working on doing more. But no method yet introduced has been completely successful at removing all misleading content from social media. The …

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ refusal to lend a hand in dealing with the stream of Central American refugee children piling into bulging border camps on the U.S.-Mexican border is an embarrassing, and yet honest, snapshot of immigration sentiment in this state.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…You answer the phone and hear a recorded voice telling you, “Your automobile warranty is soon to expire. We sent you several warnings but you did not respond. Please contact this number when you receive this message to extend your warranty and prevent costly a…

A local bald eagle trio is once again celebrating new additions to its family. A spying webcam has captured three tiny heads intermittently peering over the rim of the nest. This is great news considering the trio’s nest that had been used for many years was destroyed by last August’s hurric…

One of the pandemic’s costly consequences is the ongoing pilfering of the unemployment benefit systems of the individual states. Organized criminal gangs submitted, and continue to submit, phony benefits applications, on an industrial scale. 

West Virginia is unique among America’s 50 states. At a convention in Wheeling, Virginia, in 1861, delegates from Virginia’s northwest counties, which were loyal to the Union, voted to break away from that state over the issue of slavery and their refusal to be part of the Confederate states.

At first, I thought it must be a typo:  A bill in the Iowa Senate moved out of subcommittee recently with the votes of far-right Republican Sen. Jim Carlin and Iowa City progressive Sen. Joe Bolkcom.

April is Community College month. It’s been an extraordinary year for Clinton Community College. We have navigated the challenges of an ongoing global pandemic and a derecho that hit our service area hard. We have found new ways to deliver our curriculum, and we have continued to help our st…

While gathered around the picnic table, sipping coffee after a bike ride on one of those few warm March days, conversation with friends was flowing. No topics are off limits with this group so when we started discussing gender, race and equality we all became highly engaged. 

I saw it as I was driving to work on Thursday last week: a red, shimmering something floating in the air. It grabbed my attention, so I pulled over and took a walk. 

I am looking forward to Easter this year for so many reasons. Number one is that my oldest son will be visiting. We haven’t seen him in person since November 2019. He is a nurse in Chicago, and he’s spent the last year working in close contact with many COVID-19 patients. My in-laws also wil…

Iowa Republicans in Congress recently voted against two important immigration reform bills. They said the country needs to bolster legal immigration, not give a pass to illegal immigration. 

Many years ago, during a conversation with an old lawyer, he made a comment I still remember: “You can sue the bishop of Boston for bastardy, but that doesn’t mean you are going to collect.”

The front-page headline in last Monday’s Wall Street Journal said: “Biden weighs how to pay for Agenda.” Who purchases something they know they can’t afford, and then worries about paying for it later? Only government.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached its one-year anniversary in Iowa, it’s startling to see how this all-pervasive event could have such a profound effect on the state and yet provoke such a negligible amount of attention from the Iowa Legislature.

Sometime this past summer, two new residents were born in our area. There were no baby showers, no family announcements in the paper, and no pictures posted online. The only indication of their arrival came if one was looking up.

Tucked away among hundreds of bills being considered this year by the Iowa Legislature is one people might have quickly embraced in a different era.

Before all the Valentine’s Day roses fade and wilt, and before the last of the discounted chocolate treats get sold from the stores, it’s a good time to renew my warnings about romance scams. 

The new addition to the DeWitt Community Library is along the way of my five-minute commute. The modern structure, complete with natural lighting and updated facilities, makes me appreciate living in a community that recognizes the importance of public access to libraries.