Kurt Kreiter


Guest Columnist

I grew up on a farm in Scott County, and we regularly sold farm fresh eggs as we raised 1,500 chickens along with crops. 

Occasionally, there was a business in DeWitt that needed a supply from time to time. We got to drive north up old Highway 61 for a delivery. 

My first glimpse of town was the St. Joseph’s steeple and soon after, the big, white water tower. What I remember about our trips to DeWitt was that we were going to stop at the Tastee-Freeze (now Cups & Cones) to get some ice cream.

Fast-forward to the May of 1987, and I am traveling north once again to DeWitt for my first ever job interview at Central DeWitt. This time I would take the new Highway 61. 

I pulled up to the high school and joined then principal Mr. Howard Ehrler and AD Coach Dwight Spangler for my interview. We talked informally for about 15 minutes before Coach Spangler leaned over to Mr. Ehrler and pronounced, “I think we should hire him … don’t you?”

The rest is history, and here I have been ever since. What I once knew about our community was that it was a great place to get ice cream; what I know today is quite different. 

What I often tell people when they inquire about our community is that it is a great place to work and raise a family. It is a simple explanation, yet an important truth. 

It has been such an honor to work in our school and community all these years. DeWitt has great values. I’ve had great support, great colleagues, worked as part of a great educational system and worked with great students and families.

My 25 years as a teacher and coach have given me memories of a lifetime, and the last seven as activities director have allowed me to get a much broader perspective of what a great school district this is. 

Our community has been a tremendous place for Jenny and me to raise our family. Our two children, Casey and Haley, were beneficiaries of our great school system with outstanding teachers and caring adults in a nurturing community that helped shape their foundations. 

Haley is a speech pathologist in a Baltimore elementary, a culture far different from midwestern Iowa. Casey is in a locker room with the Denver Broncos along with teammates of quite a diverse background.

Both were well-equipped to do their jobs well but also thrive in a much different environment in which they were raised. Their experiences here provided opportunities for future success. 

The roots of our community are strong, and as we watch another class of graduates leave our schools to face the world, we can be confident they have the necessary tools to succeed. 

If you are new to this community, there are great experiences and opportunities ahead of you. 

If you have lived here for some time — a heartfelt “thank-you” from the Kreiter family. It is hard to say where I would be if all I had ever done was travel north to DeWitt for some ice cream!

Kurt Kreiter is the Central DeWitt Community Schools Activities Director.