In this world, we have a lot of problems — global warming, inequality, poverty, and plenty more that would take me a decade to list. 

But, one big issue in the world is that we treat our world like crap. Every single person in this world throws away an average 1 pound of garbage each day. Multiply that by 7 billion people, that is around 7 billion pounds of garbage each day. 

Most of the garbage we throw away is wrappers, such as chips, cookies, or candy bars. The wrappers for most of the stuff we throw away is plastic, which won’t decompose down into the soil, but instead stay there forever as plastic, or an animal could eat it, choke, and die. 

We also need more trees because according to a study conducted by a group of Yale students, all the trees in the world are going to be gone in around 300 years. We need to do our part to save the environment, and I would like to tell you about an amazing YouTube trend that is doing its part and how you can be involved in that, too. I would also like to teach you ways you can help to save the environment.

First, the amazing trend that is saving the world. More than 600 YouTubers gathered together and are working to plant 20 million trees. Now you are probably asking yourself, “She said I could be involved. I don’t want to plant millions of trees. I barely want to rake my yard!” 1.) Nobody wants to rake their yard. 2.) You don’t have to plant any trees. But, you could go to and donate a little bit of money. Every dollar donated is one tree planted. Donating to this would cost you very little, and it is a great way to contribute to the environment. 

Other ways that you can make a difference in the environment are using reusable bags or trying to carry as many groceries as possible. I know it can be hard because using the bags the stores provide for you can be cheaper and sometimes you can’t carry all your groceries, but when you have the chance, please take it to make the world a better place. 

Another thing that would help greatly would be walking, riding a bike, or even taking public transportation, which could decrease air pollution. I am aware that we have little or no public transportation in Maquoketa, and it is too cold and snowy to walk or ride a bike right now. But, when it warms up or if you live in a big city, you can make a big difference. 

You have probably heard this one a lot, but I would like to address it again. Please try to use reusable water bottles and straws. An animal could choke and die on anything that is floating around the ocean or roads, and according to, 4 percent of the trash discarded yearly are straws, which is 2,000 tons a year.

There are plenty more ways to save the earth, but let’s take baby steps. We should all use these procedures to take care of our land, our home, and our earth, because we only get one.

Mia Reicks is a sixth grader from Maquoketa. She writes a regular column

for the Maquoketa Sentinel-Press.