I would like to write to you about the DeWitt library, where they want Delmar residents to pay them to use their library. 

First of all I pay taxes in Clinton County just like DeWitt residents do. Second I work in DeWitt so it’s convenient to get a book on my way home. Third I thought a public library was for everyone to check out books. If they’re so worried about money maybe they should of kept the old library the way it was. 

I enjoy reading but I don’t want a bunch of books collecting dust at my house. 

Paula Linden


Editor’s note: An article in the Nov. 18 edition of The Observer explained the new policies at the DeWitt Community Library. Due to a new fee arrangement, the city councils of Charlotte and Delmar decided to break off from Clinton County and contract with the Maquoketa Public Library. Therefore, residents in those two towns can no longer use open access at the DeWitt library.