Thank the Lord we finally have someone who does not let the story of corruption in Jackson County fade away.

As you say there are many people in Jackson County who do not think Amanda Lassance should have been returned to her job. My son and his wife run a bar in Bellevue. Many of the people who come into the bar talk about this story. Most of them think she should have been dismissed because of her conduct. Do you know her background? Is she related to Sara Davenport?

I do not know how to organize a group of people to try to get her removed. However, if I had someone to contact to get something started, I would be very happy to help.

I moved to LaMotte 52 years ago. I believe the Jackson County Sheriff’s department was corrupt then and has remained so. They have so much backing, there has been nothing we could do. I was hoping Dennis (Bud) Schroeder would be able to stop them, but no such luck. 

I did not know that Steve Schroeder is a brother-in-law of the sheriff. The corruption continues.

Another incident that bothered me was how the jailer’s son got his father’s position when his father retired. That would be fine if you have a private business, but I don’t think there is a place for nepotism when taxpayers pay the wages. How do you get new ideas when you have the same corrupt group in power?

Most of the corruption was covered up until the Sentinel-Press changed hands. Thank you and your staff for reporting on these problems.

If there is anything I can do to help someone with this disgraceful situation, I would like to be contacted. 

Norine Hankemeier