Dear Editor,

Now I know what it’s like to be in a nursing home!

The stress of leaving your home and most of your possessions! At first, there are family visits to see that you are settled, and then the visits taper off. Everyone has a busy life.

I’m not only talking about the people who have family, but what about those who have no family? 

Too busy to visit? How about a phone call, a card, a magazine or book you enjoyed (that can be dropped off). Let us see your babies, toddlers or pets. 

The weekends are the worst. Look at our parking lot — it’s empty. Please don’t visit during meal time, as we’d like to devote our full attention on your smile and conversation.

A few second-graders from Ekstrand came to read to us and visit. What fun!

Barbara Lippens,

WellSpire Westwing Place 

DeWitt, Iowa