This miserable virus keeps us from so many things, among them seeing our friends, going out for dinner and, sad to say, expressing our sympathy. 

Today I want to remember Mr. Delbert Gilbert who passed October 27, 2020. Mr. Gilbert was one of my teachers at the Junior High school at ninth and ninth. If we talked out of turn Mr. Gilbert assigned a one page written report, a two page for the second time and on so forth. When you reached five pages you might have to go a couple rounds with the boxing gloves with Mr. G in the weight room. I never reached anywhere near a five page report. 

Mr. Gilbert’s lectures on 20th Century History and Government were fascinating. Most boys in seventh grade are probably considered to be quite a ways behind the curve and I was no exception. Mr. Gilbert helped bring me along, and to this day I have a great interest and appreciation for history.

Looking back many of our teachers are some of the most important people in our lives. My sincere sympathy to his family and to Mr. Gilbert I say a big Thank You for what you gave me in the classroom.

Roger J. Hill

Low Moor