I was in Davenport recently, and so I stopped at one of the more popular places for breakfast. I had water to drink. The water tasted like it had oil in it. So I asked for a different glass, same thing. Another guy down the counter was drinking water, so I asked him if his water was OK. He thought it was. OK, so my problem.

The very next day, the Quad City Times runs an article saying Davenport’s water had tested positive for “forever chemicals.”

The same newspaper also has an article that Trump signed to dismantle the Clean Water Act! Can you think?

In addition, I have been renting apartment and houses for 33 years. I now have three places that are empty. I have never had this many places empty at the same time in 33 years. 

One of these places has been empty since last June. I have never had a place empty for that long in 33 years.

I also know a lady who has eight places empty at this time. I also know another guy who has three places empty at this time.

Where is Trump’s GREAT economy for anyone except the top 20%?

Butch Steines

Dixon, Iowa