Having just read the column by David Thoreson in your December 30th edition there is only one thing for all of us to do and that is drive to Clinton and jump off the High Bridge. 

I don’t know where you found this guy but he needs to climb back up into his academic high tower and stay there. As a volunteer Health Care Trustee for 37 years, I take particular exception to his harsh words about the failures and inequities in our Health Care System. Patient safety, expanded services, robotic surgery, better treatment of chronic conditions and shorter hospital stays are just a few of the improvements that are all well documented. For example, if you have a health problem and you just show up at Genesis DeWitt, you will be seen and assisted, “Compassionate quality health care for all those in need, does not just represent nice words. 

Mr. Thoreson’s column appeared on the opinion page as it should. In my school days I thoroughly read the “Weekly Reader” articles. I recall the science in those days predicting that we would run out of food by 1980 and that we were probably heading for a second Ice Age. I remember reading about mile wide “Fire Breaks” in the forests of the West. These areas were cleared of brush and timber and worked up so there was no combustible material. Large fires would stop when they reached the fire breaks. After a fire what about a cover crop? The author make some very good points in the mention of these topics. 

Our climate has always been changing. Remember hearing about the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, the summer and winter of 1936? Running around yelling that the sky is falling is not my idea of a helpful suggestion.

I would suggest that the author research some of the resources we have at Iowa State University. Has he heard of cover crops, filter strips, tile filters, grass water-ways and minimum tillage? I thank him for mentioning these topics but do not agree with his method of how to solve them. 

Roger Hill

Low Moor