When I first dreamed of moving my depot to Grand Mound, the first receptive ears to hear this dream was Pat Henricksen, of the LincolnWay Community Foundation. With that encouragement and support from many others, grants were requested and the depot has been moved to a prime lot in downtown Grand Mound.  

Thanks to the LincolnWay Community Foundation for encouragement and a generous grant. Thanks to the Grand Mound Volunteer Fire Department for the lot and to Mayor Kurt Crosthwaite and Grand Mound City Council for their strong support. Thanks to the Grand Mound Historical Museum Board, Francis Boggus and Hometown Pride. Thanks to the First Trust & Savings Bank, American Mutual Insurance and Grand Mound Co-op Telephone Co. for their generous cash contributions, as well as individuals who also contributed. Thanks to The Observer for such good news coverage of this whole event. 

For those who should have been mentioned and weren’t, I am sorry, but to all of you, THANKS!! 

Don Kent

Grand Mound