My name is Jeff Michel and my wife, Chris, and I have lived in Clinton since 1976. Please join us in taking a closer and future oriented look at the Clinton County Sheriff’s election. Voters of Clinton County have an extraordinary opportunity to provide the city and the county with two highly skilled, uniquely experienced, and efficient law enforcement leaders for the next generation. We need to be thoughtful, insightful, and patient voters. 

This contest matches candidates who possess excellent training, vast experiences, strong personality characteristics, and a passionate commitment to our Clinton community. The two differences in these candidates’ background, training, skill sets, and experience are: their focus on different aspects of law enforcement (county versus city) and their level of administrative preparation. We have two excellent candidates who would be ideal to serve our community in leadership positions. 

Steve Diesch’s background, experience, and career, under the guidance of Sheriff Rick Lincoln, has uniquely prepared him to become a highly successful County Sheriff and the Chief Administrator of our new Clinton County jail. Bill Greenwalt’s background, experience, and training have prepared him to become Clinton’s Chief of Police. We need to approach this election both strategically and pragmatically. 

We strongly urge all city and county voters to Vote for and Elect Steve Diesch. Steve Diesch is the best qualified candidate for Clinton County Sheriff and serve as the Chief Administrator of the County Jail. Bill Greenwalt is a natural fit to serve as the Clinton Police Chief, and we would encourage all residents of Clinton to advocate for Bill Greenwalt as Clinton Police Chief, when the position opens. Voters’ highest responsibility is to support the most qualified and experienced candidates to their respective positions. 

Jeff and Chris Michel