When the smoke clears, and ALL the votes are counted, there is no doubt in my mind and in the minds of thousands of voters, Rita Hart will be the rightful choice to assume the Second Congressional District’s seat in the House of Representatives. All indications show that, after 22 votes that were not counted in the race are counted, Hart will lead her opponent, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, in total votes.

The Miller-Meeks campaign does not say that the 22 votes in question are not legal, rather they were erroneously not counted. They question whether the House of Representatives is able to rule on Hart’s claim. They feel Hart should have first contested the election with the state of Iowa courts, but, in fact, that is not necessary. There is no requirement for Hart to go through all state options with her claim, and time restrictions in state laws do not provide enough time for a full recount. Rita Hart‘s decision to let the House of Representatives review the vote count and determine the winner of the seat is absolutely legal, and the obvious choice. In fact, I believe that neither candidate should have been declared the winner until all the votes were counted.

Both candidates have said that all legal votes cast should be counted. It now seems that Miller-Meeks has changed her mind. Why? The voters expect, and demand that all votes be counted. When that happens, I feel that the odds of Rita Hart prevailing is very high.

Ron Leiby