Sunday, May 17th was a non traditional Graduation for 63 Northeast High School seniors. The American flag was flying high over the ceremony, it was amazing how organized everything was. Everyone knew their place in front of the stage when the celebration started. We heard the pledge of allegiance and a wonderful speech from a senior. The students were called one at a time to come up front, the parents would stand by their car, while their senior received their diploma, then back to the car they went until all seniors had their turn.

The parade started with the firetrucks leading the way thru Goose Lake. Family and friends lined the side of the road with banners, waving, cheering, and honking their horns. It was very moving, how we all banned together and gave our young people a good send off, one they will never forget and showed them, “this  too shall pass.” Thank you to the administration, school board and staff who organized this great event.

Good luck to all the 2020 Graduates.

Waltraud Mangelsen