Another very important election is about to take place and first and foremost, I would like to ask everyone to vote with our own minds. Clinton County has never elected anyone, man or woman, to our U.S. Congress. This is our golden opportunity to do so. 

Former Iowa senator, Rita Hart, is running for Congressman Dave Loebsack’s seat. For many years as my husband and I have traveled to look at roads, landscaping, and city amenities in the cities that an elected official calls home, they are usually very nice and Clinton County could benefit by electing our “hometown girl,” and by working with her, she just might be able to “bring home the bacon” to our area!

Why should we vote for her? There are many reasons. Iowa has the richest farm ground in America. She is one half of a farm team and knows how to work. We need to pass a farm bill that enables our farmers to achieve all they can because farmers are only the beginning of the great food chain. Look at all the other industries that benefit when the farmer has good crop and can afford to purchase a new implement. The jobs that are created are endless. Think about how much relies on the farm community. Large and small businesses flourish. 

Rita worked diligently across the aisle when she was an Iowa senator from 2013-19. In late 2018 she was chosen to be on the ballot for lieutenant governor. Rita has also been an educator teaching in the rural area of Clinton County or many years. 

Will Rita just work for Clinton County? Absolutely not! She loves the state of Iowa. I have split my life living in both Iowa and Illinois. Staying involved in the entire region is what I have enjoyed. I have been privileged to work with Rita on many projects. 

To sum this up: Why would anyone want to vote for another candidate? She has it all together. Rita is a farm wide, a mother of five, a grandmother, and has still fond the time to represent the 49th district on the state level. 

With our votes we can make history by allowing a woman who is honest, hard working and always willing to listen to become our first Clinton County Second Congressional District congresswoman. 

Barb Frantz

Fulton, Illinois