On November 1st, word spread that our beloved first grade teacher, Loretta Pennock, died unexpectedly. Though this brought shock and unspeakable sadness, it also gave rise to even more testament of the wonderful, thoughtful, compassionate individuals that make up the communities in this area. For this, we are so very thankful!

Knowing that this death would have an immediate impact on the students, teachers, and staff at St. Joseph School and Parish, people started reaching out to give support and assistance as soon as they heard of her death. For this, we are so very thankful!

Central DeWitt Community Schools administrators, teachers, and staff provided support and comfort through meals, their professionalism, and by bringing Buster, the therapy dog, over to visit the students. When books were requested from the DeWitt Community Library, someone dropped them off within an hour. Area businesses brought food. People from the Linus Project brought blankets for our students. For these, we are so very thankful!

Countless individuals humbly display their thoughtfulness by giving of their personal resources, time, and talents. St. Joseph School parents, during their own grieving, arrived to take over so teachers and staff could attend the services. Countless individuals in our communities continue to pray, send messages of compassion, and provide hugs. For these, we are so very thankful!

Though deaths will continue to rock our communities, there is a constant that we can all be proud of and put our trust in- the wonderful, caring, compassionate individuals that will step forward to help and support. For this, we can all be thankful!

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” (W.J. Cameron)

Teachers and staff

at St. Joseph School and Parish