Americans must take time to reflect upon the direction this country is headed. We are in a crisis of conscience. A crisis between good and evil.

Everyday across all forms of media and the cyberworld, evil hate-filled words and speech fills our homes and workplaces. While this battle has been raging from time eternal, it seems that it has risen to a new level here in America. A level where family, friends, and neighbors become violent towards one another. It is a sad state of affairs in the most diverse and, once, most tolerant nation.

The answer to the question why is, as always, elusive. While history shares examples of this kind of behavior throughout the world and within our young existence, advances in sharing information has accelerated the spread of evil and hate.

It seems we have sunken to a new low in our desire for power and control. The old low was guilt by association. All one needed to do was say you were friends with or be seen in a picture with an individual who had said or did something “wrong,” in the eyes of accusers, to be branded with the same hot iron. That was despicable in and of itself, but today we have sunk even lower. A new book by distinguished liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz says it all, “Guilt by Accusation.”

Dershowitz shares his own experience of false accusations and as we have seen during confirmation hearings for Justice Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, the new low says — facts be damned; the accuser is right and you are wrong. No longer do we live in a society where facts must prove guilt. No, no, we live in a time when one must prove their innocence. That norm is not American, but the rule of a tyrannical, demonic, dictatorial state driven by lust for personal power and control. A state where elitists believe that they know all and are better than anyone else. A state where a consequence-free lifestyle is demanded. One where anything goes and, if it makes one feel good or happy, everyone else be dammed. A world where it is all about “me.”

As we enter the new year, it is time for those of us of the Christian faith to reflect upon the society we live in and have had a part in creating. To all others, facts state that this nation was founded upon Christian principles and the Christian faith. Those principles and the basis of that faith have governed this nation for almost 250 years. In comparison to the rest of the world and, in spite of our numerous faults, we have done pretty well.

Please take time as we close 2019 and move into 2020 to look in the mirror and ask yourself this simple question: “Do I treat all around me like I would like to be treated?” Your actions will speak louder than the simple yes or no answer.

Bruce Floyd

Delmar, Iowa