I grew up in DeWitt eons ago and liked it so much that I still subscribe to The Observer.

It’s been a bit of a hoot to follow the story of Amanda Lassance’s “run in” with the law on that fateful night on Route 61. While receiving no help from the authorities in your attempts to tell the story, you nonetheless continued to persevere tenaciously to get at the truth.

It’s read like a soap opera, and what fun to see “the authorities” shown up for the dissemblers they are. One wonders how severely Lassance was punished and whether she is continuing to prosecute drunk driving cases!

I say a Pulitzer for all of you! You spoke truth to power, which is so crucial in the age of Trump. You are the protectors of what’s left of our freedom in this country.

Keep it up!

Barbara Doughty

Portland, Maine