“STUPIDITY ON STEROIDS” aptly describes Clinton, Iowa’s, decision to extend the life of a local 100+-year-old building and a couple others by privatizing our public high school so a for-profit company can take in $57,000 a year per student per year. (Source: Oct. 8, 2018 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR). Today those buildings house the initial private-pay students that the private company, CIEG, busses to Clinton High daily where they study for Iowa High School Diplomas. And, most importantly for CIEG, make huge profits on our tax-financed school. Multiply $57,000 per year X 315, the total number of students CIEG plans to eventually enroll at Clinton High, and you get the idea.

And to add insult to injury, Clinton WILL NOT TAX CIEG. Great deal for CIEG; further exploitation of us.

I taught master’s-level and doctoral students for well over a decade in the Educational Administration and Foundations Dept. at Illinois State University. Our graduates went on to assume leadership roles in public schools. They all learned better than to privatize tax-funded public schools.

I am appalled at the poor leadership in Clinton that has put us on this sorry path. I certainly have voted for my last school bond here. Never again!

Gary Heath, Ph.D.

Clinton, Iowa