The organizers of BOOM! want to extend our sincere thanks for the loyal support of this philanthropic group over the past four years. Working together and pooling our resources, we have been able to support 13 different local organizations with a financial boost of nearly $20,000. 

While several large, local projects appear to have adequate support at the moment, the needs are endless. Thus, at this time, we are terminating BOOM’s activities and instead, encourage members to focus individually on helping the charities of your choice. 

The generosity of the group has been felt and appreciated in many different ways, and we have been touched by your concern for our neighbors and the groups that strive to do good things in our community. We cannot thank you enough. 

Now, however, we agree the time has come to move on.

Thanks again for helping make the DeWitt area such a wonderful place to live, do business and raise our families. 

Mary Rueter, 


Joined by others who

approve of this letter:

Christy Kunz, Dianne Prichard and Angela Rheingans