I do not get it! The COVID count is high in some states and counties, counts rising every day with many deaths. Why are some places open for business and some are not? It’s by choice. Bars, bingo halls, beer tents, some restaurants, people having family reunions in enclosed environments, visitors out of state coming in from counties where counts are high. Nursing homes as of yet (allow) no visitors. Some apartment complexes socializing inside, some wear masks, most do not. Tenants having visitors from who knows where wearing no mask, endangering other tenants. Some self-employed home health wearing no masks. 

When society has free will to not wear a mask it’s a laughable joke. I don’t need a mask. Who’s reliable for your health when you get the COVID from someone who did not wear a mask? You are. They will track you down to all the people you have had contact with. 

I heard some people make the comment, why are you wearing a mask? It’s all in your head. You’re paranoid, it’s a farce. 

Wow! Aren’t you the ones that are ignorant and brainwashed. If this is true, why are retailers, airlines having mask orders? No mask, no service. People dying everywhere. 

Also, if you are exposed because of someone’s attitude or they come up to you and blow on your face when you have a mask on purpose, you go to jail. Maybe it’s time for some of you people to get with reality. Get off your high-horse attitude. They mandate seat belts for your safety, and if people that wore them before their accidents they would still be alive. Masks are for your safety and protecting others. Masks save lives. I agree with Jackie Duwa, who wrote a letter to the editor. I agree with her – those who care will wear. How hard is that to understand.

Sheila Starr