Wow! Every year we wonder what will happen this year and it never fails, but we have an absolutely great parade. We first want to thank all the participants in the parade. Without you we would not have a great parade. DeWitt Fire Department allowed Charlotte and Goose Lake Fire departments to go first because they had a very special person with them, Addy Hosette, whose father died in a fire at Clinton ADM and what a special grand marshall. Thank you, Addy. We want to say thanks for all the fire trucks and firemen who take the time out of their day, to attend this parade.

The rain on Friday made the fairgrounds too wet for us to line up the parade there, so we moved to the high school. We want to say thank you to the Central DeWitt Community School District, especially Keith Walker, for the okay to set up there and letting us use the golf carts, which save a lot of steps for us. We know a lot of people were upset about not setting up on the fairgrounds, but we could not see ruining the fairgrounds for the fair that will be coming very soon. Thanks, Lois, for all the help.

The entrants to this parade were fantastic. We love our DeWitt band. Thank you for being there for us. We all love our military. Thank you for starting our parade. The mayor with his big smile. The one thing I saw that had not been in the parade before, the Pope. Look up and saw St. Joe’s had an entrant and lo and behold, it was the Pope standing on the float. Of course, it was cardboard.

The team that puts on the parade have done this for almost 20 years and to me, it feels like the first one; every year it is different. Every year we have more people and every year we love the parade more. Thank you everyone who attends the parade because that is our thank you.

Wow! What a parade!

The Parade Committee

Bim and Dianne Prichard and family

Marvin and Alice Schnepel and family